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Rugby campaign for the vast majority of people are very strange. Extremely intense confrontation of the campaign, about unity and cooperation, will be able to greatly improve the combat effectiveness of the team. And the armed forces because of the connotation of a very similar, rugby is also known as "military ball" by countries like the troops.

At home, simply can not be football campaign, "popular" only with "popular" to describe, but is faced with various difficulties. People's Liberation Army football team, that is, in this great environment to grow up strong teams. Their veteran, has grown to a level of top domestic forces, as well as conveying a large number of national players. Barring unforeseen circumstances, the Asian Games next year in Guangzhou, China National Football team for which they are the team to form, shocks and even gold medals.

Guangzhou in July, burning in the afternoon sun baked the earth. Continuing Education of the People's Liberation Army military sports playground, a group of young are training under the scorching sun, feet like a bag lying on the training of super-large olive ball.

Prominent multi-national team record

People's Liberation Army football team's head coach Liu Yong forget to count the amount of training that day: run 5000 meters, 20-meter shuttle run 10 groups, plus a series of hand-ball-type training ... ... the majority of the team players, in on behalf of the national team in June to Malaysia to participate in the Rugby World Cup and Asian Cup qualifiers, just back off, "the volume of their training today is the place to relax, at best, by reducing body weight."

"We have 14 team to Malaysia and the rest would have been 4 people to go, as a passport or visa problems did not go into." Yong said. At present, the Chinese football team is the team from the People's Liberation Army, China Agricultural University and Shanghai Sports Institute Team, composed of teams. In recent years, the PLA team good momentum of development in order to "half" to describe the team in the number and status of the national team should not be overstated. People's Liberation Army in May of this year team won a national championship title in September of this year's national championship, Liu Yong, the goal is the same title.

At present, there is no cheap nfl jerseys. Periodically to participate in the local league to go to Hong Kong to become the People's Liberation Army to maintain a high level team has been one of the magic weapon. They are even on the eve of the return of Hong Kong in 1997, defeated the British in Hong Kong's glorious team. Liu Yong said with a smile: "At that time the British, never heard of football teams in China. After we won, Timothy also invited us to eat," Liu Yong, I was scoring touchdowns when the British team win the hero .

On the training ground, 27-year-old MA Bing is wearing thick clothes laps by weight training. The weight of 130 kg, height 1 meter 95 man smiling. Although only 27 years old, his team has been the age of 12 years. He and land professionals, Sun Tao, Hu and other teammates, the People's Liberation Army forces are the main iron. Liu Yong, head coach, the football players is a good selection of standard power, physical strength and movement combined with a sense of the ball. Most of the current allocation of players from other sports to "pull" from the: MA Bing practiced basketball, throwing, high jump landing practiced professionals, Sun Tao is the practice track and field after the ... ... they are the same physical characteristics are very prominent.

hope "to Austria"

On the universal level, occupation and level of movement, our country and the world still a wide gap between teams. Neighbors Japan Rugby 70 million population, only about 1,000 people in China, a small selection of direct restrictions on the scope of China to further enhance the level of rugby. "Japan has developed more than 100 years of rugby, we have just a few years?" The team said the main land professionals. It is precisely because of their late start, limited screenings in international competitions, limited experience, making the Chinese football team in Europe and America can not resist.

And coaches and team members in conversation, rugby into the "O" is the most popular topic. Liu Yong, with emotion, told reporters that if the project can enter the Olympic football, it certainly will become official Games. As a result, will quickly pay attention to all parts, "then the strength of support for football development will certainly be more than doubled, twice as much."

Built in 1993 teams from the date, the People's Liberation Army football team from scratch has gone through 16 years. Now, Liu Yong and his team have to face but do not want to touch on the problem is that the establishment of the People's Liberation Army football team has been facing the possibility of the revocation - which means that the players desire to do would vanish like bubbles. To this end, Liu Yong and Chen Jian, in addition to technical and tactical guidance, there is an important task, that is, to the players to do ideological work. In this regard, the performance of team members was very open-minded, "we have to do things, that is, their level of play, in order to gain military and national honor. Asian Games held in Guangzhou next year to look at our right time!"

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